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JAV: The grinning man went out of her vision, but she could sense his presence near her exposed cunt She heard the rattling of a can, then heard the hiss and instant cold as he sprayed her groin with Ounces of shaving cream , he rubbed the cream into every crevice and inside her ass cheeks and over her puckered asshole , he then pulled out a fresh razor and methodically shaved every inch of her pubic and anal regions till he was sure he had cut every hair , he then washed the remaining cream off of her Vagina , and then plucked the stray hairs with tweezers , every time making her gasp in a short spasm of pain , she felt the man move away , but was instantly replaced with another , this one rubbing In something sticky onto her asshole, then she let out a groan as a tube was pushed inside her rectum Solo Male She felt what seemed like liters of warm water pushed up inside her anus, and she shuddered as she felt the water doing its job, she sobbed as the man removed the tube and held a bucket underneath her Waiting for the eventual flow that she was desperately trying to hold inside, finally she couldn’t hold it In any longer, and crying with shame and humiliation, she emptied her bowels in front of the 12 Demonic men The final humiliation was also the most terrifying for her , a man came to her head , his hard cock swinging right in front of her lips , the man crouched and looked at her , then proceeded to fit a strap around her neck , with a silver ring in the middle , confusion addled her mind until she realized with Horror what the ring was for. The frozen penetration of her asshole and vagina snapped her out of her daze , the fucking machine in front of her , loaded with dual dildos , seemingly frozen solid , were pounding in and out of her , She gasped and squirmed as the ice rubbed against her abused holes, dripping into her, freezing her, A bucket appeared, and ice water was thrown over her body, sending spasms down her entire body, as she shook and bellowed and rattled the entire chair, every nerve on fire

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Me encanta cojer chicos vestidos de mujer, romperles el culo para que sepan quien es su macho !!!!!!
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I suck dick better @Arioka Miu